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Amazon Workers Compensation Lawyers

Getting a fair workers’ compensation settlement from the world’s largest online retailer isn’t always easy. Amazon’s insurance company may evade your calls, delay your claim, or deny your claim outright. You may have trouble getting a fair amount without legal representation. Trust the Amazon workers’ compensation attorneys at Flynn & Associates with your claim if you suffered an injury while working at the Amazon warehouse in New Jersey. Our Amazon work injury lawyers work on a contingency-fee basis with zero up-front costs. Schedule a free consultation with us today.

Amazon Warehouse Injuries 

Amazon’s warehouses are enormous facilities that employs hundreds of NJ workers. Its stockrooms have hundreds of thousands of items of all kinds, ranging from kitchen appliances to auto parts. Working in the warehouse typically involves lots of heavy lifting, moving objects, loading and unloading delivery trucks, climbing ladders, stocking shelves, and filling orders. Common potential injuries include:

  • Muscle strains
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Back injuries from lifting
  • Slip, trip, and fall injuries
  • Ladder injuries
  • Delivery truck crash injuries

You might suffer broken bones, head trauma, back and spine injuries, and many other injuries while on the job at Amazon’s warehouse. You might have temporary or permanent disabilities after a workplace accident that interferes with work. Choose us if you need workers’ compensation claim assistance, insurance negotiation, or just need to speak with a New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney handling Amazon warehouse injury claims. We can help you get the most from your claim with Amazon’s insurance company.

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Laws and Rights

All New Jersey employers in must carry workers’ compensation insurance. must provide this insurance coverage to all its workers – including subcontractors and independent contractors. Employees have the right to pursue financial recovery after any occupational injury or illness at Amazon’s warehouses. Injured workers must follow the workers’ comp rules as well as the company’s policies to qualify for compensation.

Amazon’s Workers’ Compensation Policies

Amazon employs people worldwide. The company follows certain policies regarding how, when, and why injured workers can recover costs after a workplace accident. Court cases involving Amazon injuries over the years help give current employees an idea of what to expect.

In the past, Amazon’s claims have had to go to court regarding how much a worker receives in compensation as well as the types of benefits. The courts have often ruled in the employee’s favor if the employee followed the company’s policies for reporting accidents and injuries. Note, however, that even if you did break company policies, you could still be eligible for workers’ compensation.

What Workers’ Compensation Damages Can I Recover?

Workers’ compensation in New Jersey will cover all accident-related medical bills, disability costs, and job displacement wages, if applicable. It will not allow workers to recover the expenses of any property damage or pain and suffering. Only a civil lawsuit will allow an employee to fight for these damages.

Do I Need a NJ Amazon Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

After a workplace accident, report to Amazon and request medical care. Keep track of the details of your incident as well as any documents, such as medical records or police reports. Take photos of the scene of the incident, if possible. Then, contact an workers’ comp attorney for assistance filing your workers’ compensation claim in New Jersey. You need an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to help you go up against a major corporation such as Amazon in pursuit of fair recovery. Otherwise, you might settle for much less than you deserve – or nothing at all.

Contact Us For Help with an Amazon Workers’ Comp Claim

Don’t navigate a NJ work accident claim against Amazon on your own. It’s important to have legal representation for workers’ comp cases to make sure Amazon or its insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you. Choose us to get representation against a large corporation such as Amazon. Our New Jersey workers’ comp attorneys have plenty of trial and pre-trial experience handling simple to complex workers’ compensation claims in and throughout all of New Jersey. Please connect with us for your free evaluation today.

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