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Your initial consultation with our accident injury attorneys is always free. We work on a contingency fee basis- so this means we are only paid if we are able to win money for you. Our Personal injury lawyers have extensive experience dealing with wrongful death cases and will help you seek compensation for the loss of a family member. How can a wrongdoer be held responsible in a personal injury case?There are many different types of liability for personal injury cases.Typically, defendants might be held liable because of negligent acts that happen when they fail to use reasonable care and somebody gets injured due to this. For instance, if you choose to sue somebody due to negligence and it is fully understood that they didn't intend for your injuries to happen, but was still found to be careless in their actions.Deliberate acts are different. These relate to circumstances by which a defendant may have intended to cause harm. Strict liability is the most difficult to prove and commonly pertains to defective product lawsuits.

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Have you or a loved one sustained a severe injury in New Jersey  It is never too soon to contact our skilled personal injury attorneys? Serious accident injuries can be very overwhelming. In most cases, it is difficult to pay the medical bills resulting from major injuries.Plenty of accident victims are not in a position to go back to work as a result of their recent injuries, and their family members may suffer from the financial problems that arise. If another individual's negligence has caused you to be injured then you are entitled to be compensated!Our personal injury lawyers at Flynn & Associates do not take a fee from you unless we secure compensation for you and protect your rights every step of the way.

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