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NJ Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims

Posted on Motorcycle Accidents August 24, 2009 by admin


When a motorcycle rider is injured in an accident on the road, it can mean possible serious injuries that may develop into even more serious medical issues. Because a motorcycle rider lacks the protection that a car offers– There are no seatbelts, airbags or metal chassis to protect them– the injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident on a New Jersey highway can be severe. The number of motorcycle deaths have been rising in the recent years, more than doubling by 2007 from the fatalities recorded in 1997.

Sometimes, motorcycle riders are more prone to crash injuries since they are more inclined to ride up to excessive speeds. However, more often than not, motorcycle riders face dangerous situations because braking is less stable on a motorcycle, and riders are less visible to car drivers. Motorcycle accidents can occur when another motorist on the road does not adhere to traffic guidelines or posted speed limits. In some cases, car drivers do not take the time to look for their blind spots, often leading to a collision with the motorcycle rider.

Variables that may affect the handling of a motorcycle include debris on the road, potholes, or uneven street pavement. Some of the dangerous road conditions for which a state government could be held liable include:

  • Dangerous road curves without proper warning signs
  • Improper drainage causing the road to become wet
  • Defaced or detoriated street signs or signals
  • Missing median barriers and guardrails
  • No caution markings or lack of yellow lines

Common injuries suffered when a motorcycle rider hits the road include broken bones, head injury and brain trauma. When serious injuries occur, whether by a negligence driver or road issue, the injured rider should seek the legal counsel and advice of a New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyer. Our lawyers are well adept with New Jersey motorcycle law to help you seek just monetary compensation on your behalf. By speaking with a knowledgeable, legal professional, you can protect your rights and successfully file a motorcycle injury claim and win compensation for the pain/injuries you have suffered.

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