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Insurance Claims

Personal injury cases often may lead to insurance bad faith. Many of us purchase house, health or car insurance for protection so that the insurance company can provide for reimbursement in the case of a contingent loss. If an injured indvidual is covered under an existing liability policy or an uninsured motorist policy, the insurance company is expected to provide full coverage. The injured individual would then make a claim against the insured party or insurance company. However, sometimes insurance companies will deny coverage and underpay or pay nothing on your claim. If this is the case, policyholders have a right to file suit against the insurance company for “bad faith”, in order to force them to cover for further compensation and/or pay punitive damages.

If you or your business have experienced improper denial or delay in settlement of a claim, or the cancellation of an insurance policy, contact the New Jersey lawyers at Flynn & Associates, P.C., toll-free at: (609) 605-8825 or fill out an online contact form. Our attorneys represent individuals and small business owners who have been affected by an insurance company’s bad faith or unfair insurance practices, and for the past 20 years, we have aggressively litigated insurance bad faith claims through trial and appeal.


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