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New Jersey Truck Accident Injury Lawyers

New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyers

Each year in New Jersey, unsafe driving by truck drivers have contributed to many people suffering injuries and fatalities on the major expressways including the Atlantic City Expressway, the New Jersey Turnpike, the Garden State Parkway, Interstate 76, Interstate 78, Interstate 80, Interstate 195, Interstate 280, Interstate 287, and Interstate 295.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury from a crash involving a tractor trailer or other large truck, the medical expenses and/or lost wages can become very substantial. If you suspect that the truck accident is the result of negligence or misconduct, you may be entitled to seek financial compensation from the negligent party.

Do not hesitate to contact our New Jersey truck accident lawyers to discuss your case free of charge. And we charge no fees of any kind unless we recover on your behalf.

Truck Accident Safety

By their nature, truck drivers are held to a higher standard of safety and are only permitted to drive a limited number of hours set forth by U.S. Department of Transportation trucking regulations.

Common causes of large truck crashes involving serious personal injury cases include truck driver fatigue, poor vehicle maintenance, truck jackknifing, or overloaded trucks.

Filing a New Jersey Truck Accident Lawsuit

In the event of a truck accident, anyone or any entity who was at fault for contributing to your injury or death of a loved one can be responsible for financial restitution.

This may include the truck driver, trucking company, shipping company, owner of the trailer, as well as any other driver or person who in any way contributed to the accident.

Deadlines set by state laws regulate the filing of lawsuits, therefore, it is important that you seek out an experienced New Jersey truck accident lawyer before your right to pursue a claim expires.

Trucking Accident Liability Laws

A tractor trailer accident can happen at anytime on almost any New Jersey roadway, highway, interstate or the NJ Turnpike.

As tractor trailers, commercial vehicles and corporate delivery vehicles provide goods and services throughout the state of New Jersey you must share the road with them.

A New Jersey trucking accident can inflict catastrophic, and often fatal, injuries if it crashes into a car, motorcycle, SUV or hybrid vehicle.

Once a New Jersey commercial vehicle accident occurs it is extremely important that any and all liable parties or entities are established. Our Jersey City New Jersey truck accident lawyers will identify all liable parties on your behalf.

Establishing Tractor Trailer Accident Liability In New Jersey

Liability in a New Jersey trucking accident or tractor trailer accident is slightly different than a traditional auto accident involving 2 cars. In an automobile accident occurring in New Jersey more often than not the liable party is the other driver and their insurance company.

In a New Jersey trucking accident there can be multiple parties responsible from a legal standpoint.

Since tractor trailers, commercial vehicles and delivery vehicles are typically corporate owned the owner of the company and their insurance carries can be legally responsible for your injuries and damages.

Also, as tractor trailers are often maintained by a third party maintenance company that organization may be liable if it is uncovered that negligent maintenance practices caused the accident.

If the accident was due to a defective truck part or defective truck product the manufacturer and any other entities in the chain of commerce may be held liable for injuries you suffered in the accident.

Since uncovering liability in a New Jersey tractor trailer accident can be incredibly complex it is imperative that you retain an experienced New Jersey trucking accident attorneys who understands trucking accident liability laws.

This will offer you confidence knowing that any and all benefits and means of compensation will be obtained for you.

Federal Trucking Accident Regulation Violations

Most industries that have professional drivers as employees are very regulated.

This is done in an attempt to promote safe driving habits, protect other drivers on the road as well as the professional drivers themselves.

Unfortunately these regulations are not always adhered to by the drivers. In addition, trucking company owners and managers may look the other way if they know a driver is violating these regulations if they are making the trucking company money.

Failure to adhere to any of these rules can result in a New Jersey trucking accident that can cause severe injuries and possibly claim the lives of those involved in the crash.

Federal Trucking Industry Regulations

The trucking industry has very extensive rules and regulations that are designed to prevent trucking accidents, injuries from trucking accidents and accidental death due to trucking accidents. Some of these rules and regulations have to do with:

  1. Not performing scheduled maintenance on all fleet vehicles
  2. Failing to hire safe drivers
  3. Neglecting to keep, maintain and enforce accurate trucking log books
  4. Not properly securing cargo prior to embarking
  5. Use, consumption and ingestion of drugs, alcohol and other controlled substances
  6. Driving too many hours without a break or rest

It is important that you work with a New Jersey Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney who is thoroughly familiar with all aspects of federal trucking industry regulations.

This is so that they can make any and all liable parties liable for your injuries based on their negligence as well as their drivers/employees negligence.

The Importance Of Tractor Trailer Accident Investigations

It will need to be uncovered how and why your New Jersey trucking accident occurred.

This can be accomplished by your attorney thoroughly investigating the accident, recreating the accident if necessary as well as researching the behaviors of the driver in the 24 hours preceding the accident.

Determining liability will help you obtain all possible means of compensation for your injuries, lost wages and income, medical bills and pain and suffering.

This is why it is important to retain our knowledgeable New Jersey trucking accident attorneys to work on your behalf.

Should you ever be involved in a New Jersey commercial vehicle accident, tractor trailer accident or trucking accident it is very important that a thorough and complete investigation be conducted immediately following the accident.

No matter who, or what, ultimately caused the accident an investigation is absolutely necessary from a legal standpoint as that will uncover any and all liable parties.

As your case progresses, this will help to ensure that you get any and all medical benefits and means of compensation to which you are entitled per New Jersey personal injury laws.

Why Conduct An Investigation Following A Truck Accident

For the most part, trucking companies as well as their insurance carriers, send investigation teams out to the accident site immediately following the accident.

Their sole purpose is to locate and secure evidence on behalf of the trucking company. This is done as they will need to support the truck driver’s side of the story regarding how the accident occurred.

Your version of the story may differ greatly from the truck drivers story. An investigator hired by our Trenton New Jersey truck accident lawyers will go out and find evidence to support your version of the story regarding the accident and how it happened.

Under no circumstances should you offer or give any oral or written statements regarding your accident to anyone representing the trucking company or their interests following the accident.

Doing so has the capacity to jeopardize the outcome of your New Jersey trucking accident lawsuit claim. If your New Jersey tractor trailer accident claim is compromised in any way it can impact the benefits and compensation you may ultimately receive.

If you are approached by anyone representing the trucking company, their interests or their insurance company do not speak with them under any circumstances.

Let our team of New Jersey trucking accident injury attorneys handle the insurance companies on your behalf.

How Our New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help You

Following a tractor trailer accident, semi-truck accident or  your life may not be the same as it was prior to the accident for a very long time, if ever.

You and your family will face issues concerning growing medical bills, lost income/missed work time and automobile replacement costs. You could also very well experience severe physical discomfort, extensive recuperation time, rehabilitation efforts and emotional trauma.

All of these issues, as well as others, can upset the balance and financial stability you and your family enjoyed prior to the accident.

By having our qualified Jersey City New Jersey truck accident lawyers in your corner you can focus on recovering while they focus on all legal and administrative issues regarding your New Jersey commercial vehicle lawsuit.

Speak With Our New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyers

It is absolutely in your best interest to consult with and retain a skilled New Jersey trucking accident attorney very soon after your accident.

The New Jersey accident attorneys at Flynn & Associates, P.C. will work on your behalf and fight aggressively for your legal rights during this difficult time.

They will also strive to get you the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries, medical expenses and lost wages. Contact our New Jersey truck accident lawyers today to schedule a free consultation.

We handle all accident, injury, workers’ comp and wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis which means we charge no fee if we do not recover for you.

At Flynn & Associates, P.C., our New Jersey truck accident lawyers will commission a complete and accurate investigation for any client we represent to ensure that the full extent of your loss will be well-documented. For 27 years, our skilled lawyers have helped our clients to secure maximum compensation, and our experience in handling truck accident claims can represent a significant advantage to you. We work on a contingent-fee basis and unless we recover a settlement or judgement, you will not have to pay any fees. For a free consultation, contact our Newark New Jersey truck accident lawyers toll-free at (800)604-8039 or fill out an online contact form.

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