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Slip And Fall Injuries

We know and fully understand the difficulties associated with slip and fall injuries. You may still be feeling the physical damage your body experienced along with the monetary pain of not being able to work your regular hours at work.

As if that wasn’t enough, you may be lost or confused when it comes to getting the medical treatment you need as well as paying the rapidly increasing medical bills. These types of cases can be incredibly frustrating due to the ridiculous complexity of a New Jersey area slip and fall case.

And of course, all of this frustration and pain was caused by the complete negligence and carelessness of another person or business. However, the dedicated and compassionate legal team here at Flynn and Associates will do everything in their power to ensure that your case is successful.

This includes getting you the compensation and peace of mind you deserve after your injury caused by the negligence of others. Our knowledgeable and connected legal team will assist you with anything you need to get your life back on track whether that means recommending doctors for treatment or answering any questions you may have.

Slip-and-Fall Victims Can Sue, But They’ll Need Help

Common slip and fall client questions:

  • Is it possible for me to sue a business if my injury took place in their parking lot or sidewalk?
  • What do I do if the company where my injury took place refuses to take my claim and seriously expects me to cover thousands of dollars worth of medical bills myself?
  • Am I allowed to sue for slip and fall medical bills even if my injury is considered minor?


Of all the injuries you can possibly experience at a business or household in our legal teams experience a slip and falls are among the most confusing and difficult to litigate. 

Our clients often ask questions about whether they can sue a corporation if their injury occurred on their property or whether their severity of injuries has an impact on whether they can sue. 

You can sue for any slip and fall injuries you experienced on another’s property; however, you must be able to prove that your injury occurred as a consequence of the property owner’s negligence.

Understanding Premises Liability

The legal term for slip and fall lawsuits is “Premises injury” this term refers to any injuries sustained while on the property of another person or corporation. So in the case that you experienced an injury as described above in the parking lot of a business or corporation, it is imperative that you prove that there was some type of health and safety hazard in the parking lot that the business overlooked.

This is important not only for getting you the compensation you deserve but also protecting the health and safety of future customers. These types of cases can be complex and difficult because any property owner with a brain will attempt to fight your case via denying liability for your injury. 

The corporation will attempt to weaken your case by blaming the victim of the case with statements such as, “he/she should have been paying attention” or “if the physical danger was so obvious that the victim should have noticed and been able to avoid it.”

In the case that blaming the victim is ineffective then the business or corporation may stoop so low as to accuse you of faking your injuries to receive unjust compensation. Our legal team will help you to cut through these ridiculous and unfair accusations to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve while the business or corporation receives the justice they deserve. 

While it is possible to represent yourself in these types of cases, the business or corporation you sue will have a hardened litigator whose only goal is to minimize your compensation. Our legal team is ready to go to war for you and your interests and will not allow any corporation to shirk their responsibility for your injuries.

What is a Slip and Fall?

While it may seem like the term slip and fall is easily definable and rather obvious there are some factors that can complicate and confuse the definition. In its most basic state, a slip and fall means anytime where you sustained injuries due to falling on the ground, whether you slipped or tripped over a safety hazard.

However, when filing an actual legal slip and fall claim there are some vital factors that must be involved in your case for your trial to be successful. 

Provided below are some of the most vital elements to making a slip and fall legal claim:

  • Someone else must be the cause of your injuries whether they were negligent or careless. In the case that you were injured without slipping or tripping over a safety hazard you most likely do not have a strong case for slip and fall compensation. The point of a slip and fall lawsuit is to recoup compensation from a person or business that was responsible for the injuries you sustained as well as ensuring their negligence can’t hurt anyone else. However, if there wasn’t a dangerous safety hazard or anyone at fault then there is no case. 
  • You must have suffered damages. Even if you slipped or tripped on a safety hazard without sustaining any physical damage your case will be thrown out. This means that you need to provide solid evidence that you sustained an injury in the form of doctor’s records. 

However, your physical injuries and medical bills are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the compensation we will help you receive, we will go after lost wages as well as any mental or emotional pain you may have experienced due to the negligence of others.

Who Is Liable for a Slip and Fall?

Determining and proving who is at fault in your slip and fall lawsuit is easily the most challenging and frustrating part of your slip and fall claim. In the state of New Jersey, business owners are legally required to keep their business completely free of any health and safety hazards to protect their customers. 

The most vital part of this process is proving that the business owner or operator acted negligently or didn’t take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of their customers. On any public property, commercial or business property, as well as a home you are invited into the owner, is legally required to take reasonable steps to protect you and are legally responsible for any injuries you sustain.

You have every right to expect a safe shopping experience when you enter a business or to not sustain injuries when entering another person’s home. But in the case of slip and fall lawsuits, the home or business owner didn’t take the correct steps to ensure your safety.

In the case that you have tried to handle a slip and fall case on your own, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen how hard the business or corporation will fight to deny any liability in your case. The business/corporation’s insurance may have even told you that someone else is responsible for your injuries or even that your injury was your own fault. This is where Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Lawyers step in.

How Much Is My Slip and Fall Worth?

Our legal team likes to describe the compensation you receive as a result of a slip and fall case as a total reimbursement for the physical, mental, emotional and financial difficulties you have experienced. 

To accurately determine the value of your slip and fall case there are numerous factors that we have to take into account due to the frustrating complexity of these kinds of cases.

Slip and Fall Insurance Coverage

While in a slip and fall lawsuit you may name the corporation or homeowner in the case you will actually be seeking compensation from their insurance company. This insurance company may have compensation limits that affect how much money you will receive for your case.

The insurance company will also have seasoned negotiators and adjusters that will do everything in their power to decrease the amount of compensation you will receive for your claim.

Your Slip and Fall Injuries

The severity of the injuries you sustained is a major factor in the amount of compensation you receive, for example, your claim will be worth more if you had to get surgery for your injuries as opposed to injuries that can be treated with more conservative methods. Talk to a slip and fall lawyer today to learn more.

How Long Do I Have to Pursue a Slip and Fall Claim?

Unfortunately, you may not have as much time to file a claim as you may think. These kinds of cases have vitally important deadlines called “Statute of Limitations” which determine the amount of time you must file a claim before your case will just get thrown out. 

In the case that you miss these deadlines, you are giving up the right to seek any legal action against the negligent parties. This means that you lost any ability to hold the negligent party accountable for your injuries and most importantly you’ve given up any right to compensation.

In the State of New Jersey, the statute of limitations is only two years in which you need to find legal representation and have detailed doctor’s records of your injury. 

Listed below are the necessary components to file a slip and fall injury claim:

  • You must have received documented medical care or treatment 
  • Chosen a lawyer who you trust to protect your interests and stand up to any insurance company’s negotiators
  • Gathered solid evidence that the business or corporation was negligent in their actions
  • Legally filed a claim 

It is important to know that several of the above actions aren’t your responsibility once you enlist the help of the legal team here at Flynn and Associates.

But we can’t recommend quick and decisive action enough as many possible clients do not leave themselves enough time to ensure that their claim is filed in time. In the case that you allow the majority of that two year period to pass without any action, your case will be made significantly more difficult.

This is due to us needing time to craft solid and bulletproof arguments to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. Our experienced and battle-tested legal team will take their time to craft the absolute best legal plan to protect the interests of you and your family.

The Value of Your Slip and Fall Claim

Any slip and fall injury can become exceedingly expensive relatively quickly as a single visit to the Emergency Room can cost you thousands of dollars. However, medical bills only tell a small part of the overall cost of a slip and fall injury.

As your taking the necessary time to recover from your injury you may not be able to work as much as you need to maintain your lifestyle. Provided below is a list of the factors we take into account when determining how much compensation we should shoot for:

The Real Cost of Your Slip-and-Fall Accident Injury:

  • Any costs associated with medical treatment or rehabilitation
  • In the long term, we also look at future medical costs that may be a factor later on.
  • Any lost wages as well as decreased income due to the injury
  • Pain & Suffering: the physical, mental and emotional trauma that your injury has caused

Common Causes of Slip And Fall Accidents

Most of the slip and fall injuries are caused by safety hazards that aren’t quite as obvious as a banana peel whether it be a wet floor or unsecured products. The types of different hazards can vary widely, however they do fall into one of the categories listed below.

Weather-Related Slip & Falls

Ice & Snow: In the state of New Jersey slip and fall accidents due to ice and black ice are startlingly common. They can also be extremely serious and possibly life-threatening. 

Rainwater Accidents: Rainwater can cause walking surfaces to be extremely dangerous especially if there’s nothing to mark slipping hazards in a place of business.

Retail Slip & Fall: Retail stores can also be relatively dangerous with tightly packed shelves and unsecured products.

Retail Liability: Any retail store has a higher level of liability than a homeowner for instance. They are legally required to provide a safe shopping area.

Comparative Fault: It is also possible for you and home or business owners to determine that there is a percentage of fault for each of you which means you’ll receive less compensation, but they’ll still be at least partly responsible.

Where Do Slip and Fall Accidents Happen?

In reality, a slip and fall accident can occur anywhere where a safety hazard has been left negligently. This could occur at another person’s home, retail store, business or commercial property.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall

First and foremost, the most important step to take after you get injured is to go see a doctor ensure that you are OK and there’s no possibility for further long term damage. Once you have received treatment, we recommend that you chose a New Jersey slip and fall attorney that fits you best, this step will allow the time and peace of mind necessary to recover from your injury.

  • Regularly attend your doctor’s appointments and follow their treatment plans.
  • Follow the recommendations of any specialists you see.
  • Rest up and provide your body with anything it needs to heal.

Let Us Handle Everything Else. Get Compensation For Your Slip & Fall Injury

When you walked out of your door on the day you were injured you didn’t plan on getting hurt, don’t allow the negligence of others to impact the rest of your life and any plans you have for the future. 

We know that the last thing you want to be doing is focusing on complex legal issues when you could spend that time healing and hanging out with family and friends. However, it is possible for these injuries to be debilitating for long periods of time and we want you to be able to take care of all your responsibilities. 

You Didn’t Ask For This

It is important to note that you didn’t ask for any of the difficulties associated with slip and fall injuries. We believe it’s ridiculous to expect you to handle all of this legal work on your own and our legal team will do everything in their power to give you the time and peace of mind necessary to heal both physically and mentally

If you sustained a slip and fall injury due to the negligence of a business or homeowner and you’re not sure what steps you should take next, give our knowledgeable and battle-tested legal team a call for your free consultation. If you or a loved one were injured in a slip and fall, you’ve come to the right place.

  • We promise you that you won’t have to pay us a dime until we get you the compensation you deserve.
  • We have more than 40 years of experience fighting for our client’s interests.
  • WE will do everything in our power to ensure that you get the justice you deserve while providing personalized representation; you aren’t just a case number to us.
  • If you need any help finding doctors or specialists to treat any you injuries you may have sustained we have a large network of excellent healthcare professionals that would be honored to assist you with anything you need.

File Your Slip and Fall Injury Claim

Contact the New Jersey slip and fall lawyers at Flynn & Associates, P.C., at your earliest convenience to have your Slip and Fall injury claim filed within the deadlines proposed by the New Jersey statute of limitations.

We have handled hundreds of Slip and Fall cases, and through our expertise, our clients have been able to successfully recover maximum compensation for their injuries.

For a free consultation for your case, call us toll-free at (856) 751-7812 or fill out the online contact form.