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Verdicts & Settlements

  • $6.9 Million Trial Verdict, Electrocution Case – Lumbar Fusion with Spine Stimulator Placement in Burlington County, NJ

  • $4.5 Million Trial Verdict(Settled for 1.5 Million while in Jury Deliberation) Medical Malpractice over prescribing Narcotics (Oxycontin) in Philadelphia, PA

  • $4.67 Million Fall Down-81 year old fell on Amtrak escalator resulting in hemi-paralysis

  • $2.25 Million Verdict for defectively repaired vehicle and broken back from car crash

  • $2.25 Million After 7 trial days against State of NJ for vehicle crash, resulting in brain hemorrhage and neuro-psychological injuries

  • $2.25 Million For 20 year old laborer who fell off a “ridge pan” due to lack of fall protection at construction site

  • $2.5 Million Wrongful death due to defectively designed and manufactured precast panel collapse in NYC (Federal Ct)

  • $1.93 Million Verdict for defective engineering drawings resulting in precast concrete panel collapsing  seriously injuring a contractor foreman (multiple fractures)

  • $1.15 Million Medical Malpractice Verdict–postpartum hemorrhaging against a Virtua Obstetrician

  • $1 Million Medical Malpractice -Suicide of developmentally disabled resident of Bancroft against Bancroft and the Psychiatrist

  • $900 Thousand Podiatric Medical Malpractice resulting in RSD to Patient

  • $800 Thousand Work Site injury-worker delivering windows which fell on him (two broken legs)

  • $750 Thousand Orthopedic Medical Malpractice  for botched fracture repair (after 3 trial days in Montgomery County, Pa.)

  • $540 Thousand Product Defect / Fall Down -woman who slipped on inadequately labeled Febreeze bottle (against P&G)

  • $500 Thousand Dog Bite to Infant

  • $525 Thousand Wrongful Death of man in a car crash

  • $500 Thousand Car Crash with Spinal and Psychological injury, resulting from vehicle flipping

  • $450 Thousand Wrongful Termination (sexual harassment)

  • $350 Thousand Failure to warnings case against carburetor cleaner manufacturer resulting in chemical burns to right hand

  • $325 Thousand 18 year old female whose foot was run over by car

  • $325 Thousand Laborer cut hand due while distracted by an owner/contractor’s son while cutting wood

  • $300 Thousand Car Crash – four family members injured in car crash

  • $270 Thousand Wrongful Termination (sexual harassment)

  • $225 Thousand Motorcycle Collision

  • $250 Thousand Dog bite with nerve damage

  • $185 Thousand Product Defect – college student who fell off a loft bed (against manufacturer)


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